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At 5:49am on September 9, 2020, Alex Wise said…
At 5:00pm on September 8, 2020, Alex Wise said…

Philippines Online Dating Evolution, the Past, Present and Future

Alex Etsy

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Parental Оbjection and Your Love Relationship

Do you ever wonder why people always want to jump into a relationship without taking it slowly? For some all it takes is one date and they are off and running in their head. I believe it must be something you’re running away from on some emotion level.

It should never be that the next man or woman that comes along is your ticket to happiness. You know nothing about them and it takes times to really get to know someone. I know it is hard to stay in reality and not get caught up in a new romance. I have done this myself but learned that it was my own insecurities and fears that led me to wanting to jump right in.

At 5:07pm on September 3, 2020, Alex Wise said…

Tips for Co-parenting After a DivorceTips for Co-parenting After a Divorce

How To Move On After A Rejection!

A Current Profile Photo Worth a Thousand Words

Sweetheart Swindles and Lost Love Scams

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The Real Reason Why “Nice Guys” Finish Last

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Being dishonest is never good in any relationship. In my opinion lies only come back to bite you in the butt. There are so many people who can’t even keep track of their own lies. If you are one of those people who feel the need to lie I suggest that you take a good long look inside. It is out of insecurities that make people lie because they don’t feel like they will be accepted.

At 5:08pm on August 17, 2020, Alex Wise said…
At 12:05pm on May 14, 2020, Alex Wise said…

Malaysia casual friends

Bangkok casual friends

Cebu casual friends

Paris casual friends

Heh, well I had actually planned on a series for women but the biological nurturing aspect of women tend to complicate it a bit. In nature, the male species releases its seed and then dies. Humans just found out how to trick the system.

At 7:36am on May 13, 2020, Alex Wise said…

Adelaide personals

Perth personals

Mackay personals

Brisbane personals

Belfast personals

I got blown off a 3rd date (lost mobile was the excuse) I thought that was a bit suspect as the time but i gave her the benifit. Rang and txt her during week and we spoke as per normal (ie 40mins). She didnt ignore my calls or my txt. We arranged for another date during the week ( andi i txted her the day before to which she said she was still intersted in catching up), however later when i spoke to her before the date she shortened to coffee because she couldnt stay long and then blew me off on the day.

At 2:32pm on February 18, 2020, Alex Wise said…

NYC backpage

I’m not a complete stranger to traveling (Caribbean, Ireland, England – pretty “safe” choices) but I don’t value travel as much as many of my peers do. Whenever I’ve traveled, it’s never been some sort of life changing experience. I’m an introvert and a bit of a homebody, so traveling a lot isn’t a big priority to me.

At 2:33pm on February 4, 2020, Alex Wise said…

For people old enough to look back on a successful relationship, one of the most wonderful things is to remember the beginning with all it’s uncertainty and magical moments built over time that propel you forward in the relationship.

Kitchener backpage

Halifax backpage

Brampton backpage

Guelph backpage

Kingston backpage

Regina backpage

Ontario backpage

Durham backpage

At 4:16pm on January 14, 2020, Alex Wise said…

 A willingness to get rejected and look at your attempts as an experiment sets you apart from other guys. It’s what allows you to become the person you want to become. It makes seeking out women you are attracted to and approaching them a natural habit…

At 4:15pm on January 14, 2020, Alex Wise said…
At 3:23pm on January 8, 2020, Alex Wise said…

Calgary backpages

Montreal backpages

Toronto backpages

Windsor backpages

Hamilton backpages

Winnipeg backpages

So there you have it! A strangely popular surgery in this day and age, and all under a local anaesthetic: which I’ll be honest is the most astounding of this whole fandango. The fact that a lady, of whatever age, so desperately wants others to believe her virginity is still intact that she would be willing to remain conscious while a surgeon sutures up in there amazes me. I shudder at the thought. But I shudder at the thought of pap smear tests too, so possibly this is just my issue!

At 4:51pm on December 19, 2019, Alex Wise said…

At 4:51pm on December 19, 2019, Alex Wise said…

I made the list to push myself out of my comfort zone, to experience and interact with the world in ways that would help me grow, help me become a better person so I could in turn do and become something better for the world. Wasting time wasn’t on that list, so as alluring as “social” networking is, I have to see both sides of the equation, and weigh out the pros and cons. Ask myself if spending as much time as I do online is in line with what I want my life to be. At the end of the day, it’s the things we did, the people we spent time with, the lives we touched and the memories we made that are going to be remembered. Not how many followers we had on Twitter, or how many blogs we commented on. I’m realising that in order to make room for the awesome, I have to cut out some of the crap. Allocating categories to productive internet time (AKA staying in touch with all of you lovely people) vs. wasted Internet time. So this means, as of now, I probably won’t be online as much as I may have been in the last little while. I probably also need to stop prioritizing laundry and a clean kitchen and just say to heck with it, sometimes there are more important things in life.  Every 60 minutes spent reading status updates on a Sunday morning could be an hour running, learning dance moves, writing, or at a hot yoga class. (Sidenote: first one was full of accoustic live music, candles, and AWESOME.) Dr. Who‘s finished for another year, so there go TV Saturday nights. And I need to stop being so obsessive about getting enough sleep, and actually enjoy staying up with people I love spending time with, even at the risk of turning into a pumpkin.

At 4:51pm on December 19, 2019, Alex Wise said…
At 1:50pm on December 19, 2019, Alex Wise said…
At 11:40am on December 19, 2019, Alex Wise said…

I really enjoy all your posts, April. Your perspective and advice is always encouraging. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve answered a friend’s “You’re too picky” comment with, “No, I’m just being selective.” Thanks for offering the perfect response!

At 12:21pm on December 12, 2019, Alex Wise said…

Great article.  I've been the "fat girl" my whole life.  Even though what you would consider "average", I've struggled with my body image.  I'm sloooowly coming to terms with this is how I am and I better love it no matter what!  Even with weight loss, I still find ways to pick at myself.  I love the link to the style website – it was fun!!

At 12:20pm on December 12, 2019, Alex Wise said…
At 11:07am on December 11, 2019, Alex Wise said…

The 4-part series will be offered on Wednesdays May 1st, 15th, 22nd and 29th at Hemphill Public Library, 2301 W. Vandalia Rd., Greensboro NC, with discussions planned from 6 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. The series will address topics associated with health, finances, legal affairs, and evaluating home and community for future living needs. The series is FREE and space is limited. Please RSVP to Sondra(at)

At 11:07am on December 11, 2019, Alex Wise said…

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