You CAN’T bribe “GOD"

Self – conscious phenomenon!

…a believer goes into a religious building (churches…mosque…synagogue…etc.) to do prayers or ceremonies. This individual finds “inner peace,”…”calmed mind.” And maybe find solution to a particular problem.

Therefore he/she decided to reach out and be thankful by donating to the building through the selected (Man-made…middle man) custodian.

Paradoxically, majority if not 99% of these people give donations not because their problems were solved or they are relived, but rather in the belief that they can buy “blessings.”

They believe the more “money” they give in return for the (inner peace) solution the more reward they will get from “GOD.” Capital…NO!

Even though the intention was not directly formulated as stated above, it’s clearly  been proven on numerous occasions that we (human being) thinks big (tips) donations is denoted for big wishes  while small coins might be just enough for small wishes. Food for thought!


We (human being) are so impatience especially when it comes to fulfillment. When we want something…we want it now! …The human ‘ego phenomenon’.

So therefore our best bet (quick fix phenomenon) is to go and offer (Big donations) money at our place of worship and expect a quick result. The episode goes like this: O God, here is my pay checks…this is my savings…this is all I got…for you (O GOD) to fulfill my wish. Food for thought!


Almighty God…however does not want or need our (man-made currency) money. We (human being) have the perception that if we give all our pay check…our savings…that God will love us more or better yet fast forward our fulfillment. Unfortunately, it’s just a fallacy.

Evidently, almighty…the Supreme does not need or required any of our dubious behaviors. Otherwise what could a “poor person” give if he/she had a big wish or problem…? Can one match the reward?


Hypothetically…if we need anything…blessing…fortune…good health…etc. all it requires is a straight talk with open (honest) heart to God and a lot of patience. Then, if God “willing” as he sees it fit – would let it be. WHY? …Because ‘He’ knows the best.


He knows best and would take care of you when “U” surrender without any doubt. He knows what’s best for you at any particular moment and at any circumstances.


GOD doesn’t need our money and cannot be bribe…



As always,

To GOD be D glory…

Peace! Shalom!! Salam!!!


Prince ‘lasun Bakare

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