An opportunity 50 YEARS in the making. 50 of the GREATEST MINDS of our time.

Your ONE CHANCE to own it.

"I guarantee you'll accomplish things you never thought possible ..."

- Vic Conant

Dear Friend,

Think of the last few goals you achieved.

They each took great time and effort, right? Of course, that's what we've all come to expect.

But there IS an easier way. A short cut, if you will. Simply by mastering the vital disciplines that are the foundation for success.

In celebration of our 50th anniversary - a goal we're mighty proud of reaching - we want to reward your hard work and dedication ... by making it easier than ever for you to own the program that can just about ...
Remove 'hard work' and 'dedication'
from your vocabulary

You see, by spending just a fraction of your time focusing on the right disciplines, you'll automatically set yourself up to achieve goals faster and, some might say, with little effort.

It's the difference between fishing with a rod and reel
and fishing with a giant net trolling behind your boat.

Today, 50 of the greatest minds in personal development are giving you the 'Essential 8' disciplines you'll need to cast your widest net possible and set yourself up to accomplish virtually anything you want.

And once you land these keepers, everything comes together. That's when you feel complete. That's when you stop thinking of what you can achieve next ...

... because your entire life becomes an extraordinary achievement.
Set yourself up to achieve far more.
Far more easily.

For 50 years, we've provided resources to help our customers improve their lives.

In honor of our 50th anniversary, we're giving you a unique opportunity to hear from 50 great minds who will help you master the Essential 8 disciplines:
Confidence: Gain it, and it practically carries you to your goals

Passion: It separates the ordinary from the extraordinary

Discipline: Those who have it live better

Teamwork: Greases your path to excellence

Time Management: Get more done in half the time

Character: Who you are determines what you become

Communication: The right words translate to an incredible life

Giving: As Zig Ziglar says, "You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
Yes, I'm ready to gain hundreds of invaluable insights from 50 success gurus and legends - so I can make my own life extraordinary! I can start TODAY with a 12-Month Guarantee by clicking here!

These eight disciplines build on one another to help you form a complete life that's nothing short of extraordinary. Because once you focus on these disciplines, your goals of wealth, health, leadership, and family are achieved ... one after another.

We've packaged these Essential 8 disciplines - PLUS a host of other life-enhancing ideas, strategies, and insights from our leading authors - in what will soon become your most treasured program.

We call it The Personal Insight Library: Remarkable Perspectives Designed to Make Your Life Extraordinary.

You'll call it 12 of the most listened to CDs in your car and home!
An opportunity
50 years and 50 minds in the making!

Imagine having a golden ticket to the greatest personal development event of your generation. And you can use it any day and any time you choose.

You enter and sit front-row center. Without a warm-up act or filler of any kind, Anthony Robbins suddenly appears on stage. Every sentence he speaks is pure gold. He reveals the answer to the one question that changed his life and will also change yours.

And as soon as you jot down a few notes, he exits the stage and tosses the microphone to Stephen Covey. Again, Dr. Covey wastes no time and delivers only his best strategies and philosophies. He knows your time is valuable.

And just when you are at the edge of your seat wanting more, he exits stage left. Before you have time to applaud, Dr. Wayne Dyer delivers a touching anecdote that changes your perspective on life.

For hours, one success legend after another shares his or her most coveted success secrets, key ideas, strategies, and action plans! Each boiling down sold-out appearances to the five or six minutes that most impact your life.

Jack Canfield, Harvey Mackay, Mark Victor Hansen. Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, David Bach. And dozens more! Interviews. Live appearances. Memorable life lessons. These 50 legends hold nothing back.

It's true. Your golden ticket DOES exist.

With The Personal Insight Library, you can listen to all 50 experts and authors anytime you want as they present hundreds of ideas to bolster your Essential 8 disciplines and MORE!

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