World of Warcraft Exhibit Created At The Computer History Museum

Since its launch 12 in the past, World of Warcraft has become a huge component of PC gaming with an incredible number of active subscribers. Due to that, it's no surprise that the experience gets recognition with the Computer History Museum.

On Saturday a couple weeks ago, the Warmane Gold for sale museum exposed a new exhibition revolved around software showing how engineers, programmers while others have changed the planet with software. The exhibit took around a few years to make for around $7 million.

World of Wacraft got the honor to be included in this Make Software exhibition which has a giant statue of Thrall, numerous Blizzard products linked to World of Warcraft on display in addition to pre-recorded interviews from employees who handled the game.

Since its inception, World of Warcraft moved on to spawn multiple expansions, animated web-series, books and comics putting Warmane Gold right besides other fantasy properties like Lord on the Rings or Dungeons & Dragons.

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