Western culture at best, with world becoming a global village cultural diversity is burning across the globe like a wide fire. In western capitals the word Lesbian has become  synonymouse with most old and almost young women with other cultures doing the copy cat or assimilating especially blacks. What amazes me is that these chobby women with men hair cuts, big bottom, oversize pants tries to brag themselves like men. They walk like a bullies trying to impress, they double talk trying to show off, generally, they are just eyesore, i can't stop laughing whenever i come across them.They over show their emotion where is none, they force their so call girl friend to hold hands when they are not interested, they force kiss in the public like it is a contest. Not to be a hater, those things are not women role, God knows why He creates men and women,  pussy is p**** and will never be something else, what a waste of life in the name of culture. Welcome to the global village, but be careful of what pick up on the street.

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