with all ovations trailing the nomination of Jega as the INEC chairman, is it enough to move our political system to the next level?

it seems a lot people, politicians and the human rights activists who have been clamouring for a non partisan individual to be nominated and appointed as the INEC chairman are all in agreement with the President's nomination of Jega.
But we know that in reality the problems are with the politicians themselves not with the system, no matter the flaws. after all people look for flaws when it's not going their way. United Kingdom has been using a political system that was formulated when their population was about 5million up till this last election, when their population is almost 60million. it lasted till now bcos the politicians played by the rules not bcos it was perfect. You can hardly hear about who is the electoral commission's chair person. and it's not bcos the system is so perfect, but they all respects and follows the rules. Why can't our politicians do same? Are we accepting that they(UK) are more superior human beings than us? Don't we have same thinking faculty like they have? What is really wrong with us? The funny thing is when you see this our politicians in the midst of these foreign leaders and politicians they act and behave like tamed animals, with stupid smiles on their faces like fools.

very pathetic!

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