WikiLeaks & Julian Assange, Heroism, Courage, Visionary of Our Time

WikiLeaks & Julian Assange,
Heroism, Courage, Visionary of Our Time

Written by Paul I. Adujie

Julian Assange, journalist, whistle-blower, freedom of information activist, the founder of WikiLeaks have been arrested and detained in Britain. Julian Assange's arrest is apparently the beginning of processes aimed at silencing him and
WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks is being muzzled, blackmailed and threatened in various
fronts and in multifaceted multiple pronged desperation by western nations.

Julian Assange have been declared persona non grata by various western nations, western nations which have been feeling thoroughly embarrassed and humiliated by their own frauds and shenanigans, all which have
been opened up for the entire world to see, through the diligent journalist
work expose' work of Julian Assange and his collaborators through WikiLeaks

Since Julian Assange embarked on his monumental global crusade to expose the lies, the hypocrisies, the mass murders through subversion, every efforts to silence him were unhinged and unleashed by western governments,
infuriated by the scintillating embarrassments created by the unmitigated and
unadulterated evils contained in their documents in dispatched unfurled by

Western nations have for so long created havoc and extreme hardships through direct invasions and occupations and other manipulations, which in turn cause death, dislocations
and displacements, the suffering and the poverty and desperation which are
inflicted on millions of persons across the world.

These incalculable evils by western nations are the methods, historically, through which western nations have allocated economic, political and resource control powers worldwide. These cult-like secrecy by western
nations, as betrayed by the excellent and spectacular journalistic expose by
Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, are the methods and ways through which western
nations undermine and subvert peoples and nations globally, particularly,
undermine and subvert peoples and nations outside the western hemisphere.

The world now knows that western nations are hypocrites, constantly spewing platitudes about their much advertised beliefs in accountability, transparency, freedom of the press, the rule of law, democracy etc.

Western nations are now arguing loudly and most vociferously, that secrecy and the suppression of information promotes and advances the cause and course of democracy in the world. Western nations and their cohorts are now
arguing in the most strident manners it is legitimate for them to demand the
severest of punishments and retributions, including assassination of Julian
Assange as have been demand by a prominent Canadian politician, and many others
in America, Britain, and elsewhere in Western Europe.

The world now knows that western nations are splendidly uninterested in their pretentious ideals and tenets laden with high morals. Think about this, it is now being insisted upon, that, secrecy, frauds and
deceits are legitimate tools of American and western diplomacy and governance?
But how about the familiar sanctimonious accountability, transparency and press
freedom etc?

It will be recalled that frauds, lies, disinformation and sexed-up misinformation and sundry shenanigans, avalanche of deceit, were the precursors which to the invasion and occupation of Iraq. As precedents to the
invasion and occupation of Iraq, America, Britain and their other allies in
western nations, engaged in deliberate falsehoods and obfuscations, and of
course, western journalists treated western political leaders with kid-gloves,
and the rest, as they say is now history.

Western journalists neglected to investigate the frauds and deceits which led to the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Ambassador Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame his wife, who sought to expose the truth at the time,
as Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are doing now, were silenced, humiliated with
career-enders. It should be clear to everyone on earth by now, that America and
her western allies cannot handle the truth, any truth, whether by Mr. &
Mrs. Wilson or by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks!

As a matter of memory upgrade, American and other journalists from western nations were “embedded” or co-opted into the planning and staging of the invasion and occupation of Iraq and all the lies and absurdities which
followed since. “Embedded” was simply a word with which intentionally sloppy
journalism was practiced by American journalists and other journalists from
western nations or American allies, covering the war, and giving a pass or
salutary and caricature reporting to the death and destruction as they unfolded
in Baghdad, Basra, Keikuk and most parts of Iraq since March 2003.

More than 600,000 Iraqi are dead, millions are maimed, displaced, and dislocated; some Iraqis are now refugees or have been compelled to emigrate. 5,000 American troops have been killed and American taxpayers have
had over a trillion dollars squandered in their name. America government and
their western allies have squandered money which is enough to end global
poverty as preached by a great American economist Professor Jeffry Sachs of
Columbia University and of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals or

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are merely doing what western journalists ought to have been doing. Julian Assange is merely practicing what western nations, governments, institutions and peoples have been preaching
forever, which is, accountability, transparency, freedom of the press and best
business practices.

The double standards and hypocrisies of western nations have been exposed by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, hence the desperate attempts to silence WikiLeaks and its founder. Julian Assange’s bank accounts have now been
frozen in bids to intimidate, harass, and blackmail him into obeisance.

The question has to be asked, whether Julian Assange would have been facing the same vitriol from western nations, if the information he exposed belonged to, say Cuba, China, Russia, Iran etc? It will be recalled
that America and other western nations rallied behind Google as China sought to
enforce her laws, and arrangements which China had with Google. America and
western nations bashed China and subjected China to the most scathing of
criticisms based on Press Freedoms or what the Americans know as the First
Amendment principles.

And now, ironically, America and its western allies, are subjecting Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to threats and pain of death, just because Julian Assange and WikiLeaks naively believed the farce and preachment
by western nations regarding Freedom of the Press. I feel so sorry for Julian Assange, because
many, including myself, drank the Kool Aid, hook, line and sinker, regarding
these fine ideals and tenets regarding how democracy is not advanced by secrecy
and why accountability, transparency and press freedoms are essential
ingredients-elements in true democracies!

The case of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks is an extraordinary eye-opener and mammoth revelations of the hypocrisy and double standards, in which western nations are permanently engaged. Reactions by western nations to
Julian Assange and WikiLeaks expose have uniformly condemned the expose and
journalistic truth-telling.

There are clearly lessons here for all-the world to learn. It must be realized that secrecy, conspiracies and injustices are correlated exposing conspiracies is the best way to fight against injustices and
oppression, government actions in my name should be in full disclosure. But
America and her western allies now argue otherwise, this is the equivalents of
changing the rules of the game or moving the goalpost! Or simply put, rules
about truth and press freedom are okay, so long as America and her allies are
not embarrassed, shamed or humiliated by the truth or journalistic excellence?

We used to think that the truth is sacrosanct fact. Truth should not suffer diminution with time or space. Truth is like clean water colorless, odorless and unchanged or same worldwide

But now we find that for Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks collaborators, the truth does not set you free. The truth leads to a revived and reawaken trumped up charges, frozen account and threat of imprisonment,
pains and death through assassination by some in Canada and elsewhere!

So much for excellence in journalism, so much for published and be damned, no matter whose ox is gored? So much for the truth will set you free?

It is now the case, that the new mantra is, never let your truths or facts embarrass, humiliate and infuriate America and her western allies, or, there will be hell to pay!

Julian Assange must take solace and be consoled in what Camus once said, Camus said, it is absurd to fight lost cause, but more absurd to neglect to fight worthy causes, even if Julian Assange is in the end jailed or

Meanwhile, the rest of us, can now be rest assured that western nations’ mythologies about accountability, transparency, press freedom, the inviolability of fact, or that truths are incontrovertible, are farcical
distractions intended merely to derail global competitors, the gullible and
undiscerning worldwide.

Think about this, it is now being insisted upon, that, secrecy, frauds and deceits are legitimate tools of American and western diplomacy and governance? But how about the familiar sanctimonious
accountability, transparency and press freedom etc?

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