Why Pears Nigeria Remains A Strong Brand

Why Pears Nigeria Remains A Strong Brand


46 years and millions of happy babies ago, Pears began its journey in Nigeria.

With its mildness and high safety standards, it answered every mother’s call for a pure, mild and gentle solution that protects their baby’s tender skin.

The Pears brand believe that when the skin is happy, the baby in turn will be happy. And you know what they say about happy babies? They learn more. They are thus committed to pursuing their goal of rash free, gently fragranced, comfortable and playful babies in Nigeria.

Complete Baby care

Pears has served Nigerian babies and mothers with baby care products ranging from Pears Baby Lotion, Pears Baby Oil, Pears Baby Powder to Pears Baby Jelly and Pears Moisturizing Cream made from carefully selected pure ingredients formulated based on Unilever’s standard for Baby Care products which are suitable for baby’s tender skin. The alluring perfume of Pears gives it a unique note that no other baby care product can boast of.

They pride themselves in their ability to provide the gentlest and most thorough care, through a wide range of baby products introduced between 1971 and 2001.

Pears Rebranded

The rebrand of Pears Nigeria baby range in 2017, was aimed at sharing the unique benefits of Pears Baby range of baby care products pure, mild and gentle on baby’s skin and, celebrating Pears’ heritage as a caring and trusted baby care brand bringing quality products to Nigerian households since 1971.

Pears is trusted for being pure, mild and gentle, and has been recognized and endorsed by the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) for its excellent brand quality and contribution to the growth of babies in the country.

In conclusion, Pears Baby range delivers on its promise of a rash free, gently fragranced, comfortable and playful baby.

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