I guess these calls for debates; why not we start now by asking yourselves the following questions?
1. Why won't we have a nuclear plant for constant power generation?
2. Why won't we secure lives and properties by establishing and funding police and other security outfits adequately?
3. What is the Federal Ministry of Agriculture doing by the way? Government bureaucracies should be limited, and other agencies, ministries and political portfolios needs to be scrapped. e.g What is minister of state doing when there is a substantive Minister?
4. Why not limit the power at the central and devolve it down to the grassroots/ local government levels? I remember we use to say "Power belongs to the People"
5. Why won't states acquire and allocate natural resources to themselves and contribute a fixed percentage to the central government?
6. Why won't we create 2 million jobs within the next 2-4 years? We should encourage free entrepreneurship spirit once again. We do better when given the necessary tools, credit and support by government to establish our own businesses.
7. Why won't we completely privatize government institutions, parastatals including our refineries our ports with proper regulation?
8. How long will it take to finally enact and sign into law the FOI bill?
9. Will it be so ambitious to ask that our elderly be given free, accessible and quality health-care? IBB think they deserve it. The present pension scheme is unsustainable, and therefore needs to be revamped.
10. Education and empowerment of the youths through a social private-public partnership scheme should not elude us this time around. Why do you think the WAEC passing rates keeps declining?

Do you prefer the status quo? I guess the answer is HELL NO....
But the link below might offer more insight in a fundamentally different direction http://www.voteibb.org/manifesto/

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