Why Many Parents Decide to Home School Their Children

Of course, in America there are many options for educating our children. There are public schools, private schools, charter schools, Montessori schools and of course the possibility of home schooling. There are proponents of homeschooling and public schools.

Those of us who are not home schooling, which still have a majority of Americans choose the reasons why people in order to understand the home school their children. Religious or philosophical beliefs, religion is not allowed in public schools.

Many families believe that religion to allow a larger part of the education of their children than public schools. People who have a deep religious beliefs show great passion. There are people who are passionate about their parents and feel in a unique way the best of their ability and content which they feel they should learn to teach. The home schooling parent is responsible for calling the shots and they like it.

Socialization: Some people who do not understand home schooling, that is to limit rather than socialization. But those who believe in thinking about the stereotypical socialization of a class are stuck because of age. Children who are home schooled, were exposed to social situations in a mixed age group. They “peers instead of” classmates “. Believe homeschooled Many of their children to behave in a reasonable manner, need not be exposed to inappropriate. They believe that exposed her child to be the model the behavior of people who have learned to make decisions manage to meet and to have in different social environments. The fact that the modeling of socialization is exposed, the home-schooled children learn to act appropriately. Parents Home-schooled children can also see their child is “it”, if they act to model for a child adequately. Home-schooled children receive a social reality lesson. On a daily basis they see adults they know, love and trust to manage and balance life day by day. role model for graduates with real tasks balanced, caring for a sick friend or neighbor shoveled the driveway and bowling, shopping, and the task of dry cleaning, cooking dinner while folding clothes, laundry and store talking on the phone with Aunt Sara. These are real situations that exposed Homeschooling are, and public school children are often sheltered from the current or a controlled environment of the school.

Academics: Home school has many advantages over public school children. The program is designed specifically for them – not for their children’s age and the age of children to differentiate to know expected and to learn. teaching public schools, as well as they can. However, a child cut home schooling program to their needs. It can be read at a fourth year, comes at a grade 3 and complete mathematical level a sixth class. A child is taught at home not too long nor fell. There are no other children to fill “,” as they work freely at their own pace and as fast or as slow as necessary. Most of the research on how Children learn best done. A child enrolled home is not just someone who knows them, taught best in the world but also because they are the only student Learning styles should not be changed. If a student learns best by music, then the curriculum of the education of a child at home can be customized to their needs to meet more effective and write tutoriage essays. Home-schooled children get to spend more time with family. you are in a traditional school setting for 6 hours per day caught, but are free to spend time with your family every day. It is said that the parents are teaching their first child. families schools that want to go home to continue a teacher of their child because they need their children led by their families and God and not done to a person born to do work that theirs naturally think from the day their child is. 

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Comment by Linda S. Davis on February 13, 2019 at 12:29pm

Hello. Thank you for the article.
The question of what to choose - home schooling or private school - is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Everywhere there are pros and cons. It still seems to me that by communicating with the authorities in schools, the child adapts better, he learns to find a common language and negotiate, finds friends and develops many useful skills. Homeschooling is not able to give it all. Perhaps I am mistaken, but this is my opinion ...

Comment by Jeorge Waters on September 1, 2018 at 7:51pm

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