Is HGH released during exercise?       

High-intensity, interval endurance training performed for 10 minutes a few times a day stimulates the best HGH release. When exercising above the lactate threshold, growth hormone release increases not only during the exercise but for up to 24 hours after.              


Does HGH work without exercise?      

A person does not have to workout to get the benefits of HGH therapy. Human growth hormone injections target receptor cells throughout the body. While you will receive superior benefits from HGH without engaging in any physical activities, most people find themselves wanting to exercise because they have so much energy, and joint pains and stiffness naturally begin to decline, improving exercise capacity and capability. Adding high-intensity workouts to your daily life will help increase natural HGH secretion, as well.            


To learn more about how HGH therapy can benefit you, contact our hormone specialists for a confidential consultation at no charge. We help men and women throughout the US restore hormonal balance to their bodies and their lives.

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