Why did you choose to read an engineer?

During the high school and after the student I worked with music. Both as a practitioner and as a technician and producer. When I worked with music productions, I learned to use several complex computer programs to shape the sounds just as I wanted. As a sound technician at concerts, it was important to take into account all the phase problems that occur when sound is played in multiple speakers at the same time.

It was during this period I really got up with how funny technology and mathematics could be. Even though I did not know then, this was basically signal processing. So when I felt I wanted to develop and learn more about computers, technology, and signal processing, the choice seemed to be computer engineer of course.

What do you want to do after graduation?
I actually already know what to do after graduation, because I just got a job as a software developer at a company. They manufacture live concert equipment used by several world-renowned tourists such as Rihanna and others. A dream job for a sound-intensive programmer!

About freelance career?

Your first job might not involve your major in a major way. You have to take risks sometime. In other hand make sure to do a freelance job. Now a days we can find freelance career in Freelance Telecom Technician, Freelance IT engineer, Computer engineering, consulting engineer etc in order to get paid for a instance.

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