I believe now Nigerians will sit and think of a way to paddling the canoe of this great nation towards the desired dreams of her founding fathers, which is based on human emancipation and respect for one another. \
The AbdulMuttalab's case have finally drawn Nigerians to world attention, not of a break through in researches or academic prowess, but for possibly being a country to watch out on the list of countries of art of terrorism. The question persist, who truly is a terrorist? I would like those that drew the need that Nigeria must be on the global list of terrorist nations have forgotten to include themselves on the list, may be they have forgotten they started the whole terrorist thing and were successful to have brainwashed one of us to embark on such a suicidal mission, an attempt to kill more than 300 people in just a day.
We should all remember that an act of terrorism is not just a man who had an explosive on him and thought of blowing up innocent market women, or detonating explosives on planes, but it goes beyond that, over the years in this country, lots of things have happened, especially, the notorious acts of vandalism, and political thugery unleashed by our youths who were paid by those who called themselves our leaders while their own children are in foreign schools like Havard and Oxford, the youths of this country have been brainwashed to embrase chaos in place of serenity. This acts, is it not an act of terrorism? A police man in uniform who shot a man for five naira, is he not a terrorist? A politician who sponsors religious riots for his own callous ambition, is he not a terrorist? the fact lies that we have refused to give a more concise meaning to what terrorism is all about.

I am not surprised that muslims have all been tagged terrorist, but are they all terrorist? Some crooks have suddenly taken it up on themselve to teach youths tenents that can't be found in the quran, Allah will never advise you force your religion on the other party, this is just a fight for supremacy over western ideologies quite different from what the prophet preached, imagine the ashura celebration of peace being conducted with bloodshed and suicidal explosion killing people, will God ever send such people? We all are aware of what happened in Jos and Bauchi, we should ask ourselves are these people really fighting in the name of God or they are after their own desires to destroy and to loot? Who is the real terrorist?
We should stop lying to ourselves, imagine those in the house making laws for their own benefit at the expense of their people, imagine politicians who bought guns and arrows for people to kill innocent souls, imagine a country wheree some class themselves as the all in all with all the bounties of this country shared among their caucus. who is the real terrorist? This is a question that needs an answer from those who have been raising their voices.

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Comment by IMASUEN EVELYN on January 8, 2010 at 4:14pm
It is the person who thinks of harming another and therefore doesn't think about the consequence of his/her action, people should better beware and be conscious of what inddulge in.

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