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1. If you're cheapest wow gold an enchanter or you used to farm the Crusader enchantment formula to sell it at the Auction House, you probably are aware that in patch 4.0.1 this excellent recipe was accidentally removed from the game. There's good news though. In 4.1, the Formula: Enchant Weapon Crusader was reintroduced. It now drops as before, from the Scarlet Archmages in Eastern Plaguelands. So, if this was a good source of gold, it's back.

2. Since many players are rolling new characters, using many Heirlooms, many enchantments that can be applied on Heirloom weapons have become extremely expensive, and also the materials for them. So, resources like Essence of Air or Essence of Undeath which back in the day used to be cheap, now can be sold for a lot of gold.

3. And the last of the Cataclysm gold farming tips for Azeroth, if you have a tank or a healer, the roles that not many players choose, it's a good idea to run Zandalari instances. Not only that you will get an additional bag of goodies which can contain super expensive pets like the Tiny Crimson Whelpling, plus you can get a few Maelstrom Crystals.

Tips for the new Cataclysm zones

1. One of the resources that cooks really need to boost their cooking skill up to 500, which can be farmed in Vashj'ir are Turtle Tongues. Needless to say, you can farm them by killing any turtle in Vashj'ir. A stack of tongues is goes for high prices, plus if you're a skinner you'll also get valuable hides from the turtles.

2. Another resource that can be farmed without any profession in Cataclysm, in Uldum to be more precise, is Volatile Air. This resource is required for many blue and epic crafting recipes and it's always on high demand.

3. Tol Barad is a great place to farm Savage Leather and Embersilk Cloth. In fact, if you're a Tailor and you choose the rush hour on your server to farm here, you can get up to 500 Embersilk Cloth in one hour. Don't forget the Potion of Treasure Finding though, that helps.

The last and the most important of the Cataclysm gold farming tips that I must mention here, is that the Auction House on your server is and will always be, the best farming spot that you will ever find. However, to make decent profits exclusively at the Auction House, you need special training.

The helper that I've been working with was a WoW gold guide. It helped me minimize the risks and maximize the profits. That's why I strongly recommend to every player to use a WoW gold guide if you want to farm only at AH.

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