Tends to gratify self

At the expense of others

A carnal and sensual feelings

Towards someone just to take advantage

And devour the person to satisfy a selfish feeling

Makes you thinking of immoral act

Not for real but deceitful

Corny and crafty in nature

The opposite of love

Love turn outside to become lust

Lust in the eyes, flesh and heart

Never wants the best for the other

Just with the ultimate aim

To use and dump the second party

Making that person useless

Lost all through lust

Lost of pride and dignity because of lust

Like an hair style “pick and drop”

Left with a scares

So painful and a bitter experience

So much agony and anguish

Shading tears a million tears

From an woeful act

When lust rules things went from bad to worse

When lust replaces lust

The story is thorn in the flesh

Love is a unique feeling

With a clear and good intention

Lust is exploring the other for carnal purpose

Satisfying a desire bad and devilish desire

Never lust after anyone ‘cos it destroys

 Lost forever

Unfaithful to your date

Sex the utmost aim

Tears of the experience

Keep lust under guide else

It will burn you don’t play with it

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