What’s the best alternative to iMovie for Windows?

This is a scenario of editing, indeed. No picture or video is being uploaded to social media without any single editing. Every Mac user has the great Apple feature i.e. iMovie, which enables them to recreate their story in some really colourful way. After seeing those, you often think twice about not being an Apple or Mac user.

You are using a Microsoft or windows, so here representing you the iMovie for windows 10. Not especially about windows 10 only, it may also use for other windows versions. Here introducing you to the best alternative to iMovie i.e. ‘Movavi’. People know that iMovie only supports to the Mac users but they still search and look for that software. But they leave with empty hands always. But now you can create your videos attractive with the best alternative for windows.

You PC, your work station

As you are well aware that if you are accessing a computer with Microsoft. You will, obviously, can’t get iMovie for windows 10. But, you must go for the alternative. So Movavi enables it for your PC and that will be the best thing you can work on.

  • It is an easy to use processing program that, however, enables the user to compete with the professional editing done by an Apple user.
  • It is simple to use and convenient to understand. Any new user can easily understand every feature and execute them accordingly.
  • It will be the post-production work for you. You can earn through the comfortable and convenient working.

Be a Pro editor with Movavi

‘Movavi’, your best alternative to iMovie for windows 10, gives a birth to a pro editor. Yes! You can be, as it has a number of features that will introduce you to the new creative world.

  • Graceful Titles and stickers: It has a number of title caption and fonts. Along with its inbuilt feature you can play with the sizes, colours and related parameters. The bright stickers have their own moods to persuade the clips textures
  • Splendid Transitions: iMovie has the number of transition effects to conquer each and clip’s situation, so as with its best alternative too. When you are working on multiple pictures to create a splendid video, the best way to come with this feature.
  • Impactful effects: However, this is the most eye catchy feature. It can make your image or clip more beautiful in one click. In your iMovie , obviously your Movavi, there are a number of effects that can be applied. This is superfine art that can modify the full mood of the clip accordingly.
  • User Friendly Built-in Media: This feature gives wing to your video. It has a built-in collection of user friendly footages. It has a good combo of stickers, video clips, and music tracks. You can add from this to make them look more creative. This is why; Movavi is the most preferred and being used by a large number of people.

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