Introduction to the study of physics

Physics is the study of matter its mass and energy.  Physics Can also be simply defined and the study of matter and its physical properties.

The importance of Physics

Physics is very important as every product of technology was built with physics laws and principle.

There nothing on built by scientists that did not start and finish with physics ideologies and principles. One can say that without physics there would have any development at all or no meaningful development.

The lists of the product made using physics principles

  1. All means of transportations, such as, Cars, Ships, and Airplanes.
  2. Means of Communications, such as Telephone, TV, Radio and so on.
  3. House appliances, like Refrigerator, Electric fans, Boiler, Air conditioners, electric bell, electric kettle and many more.
  4. Computer, Cameral, amplifier, Speaker,
  5. Agricultural tools, such as Tractors,
  6. Security gadgets , like metal detector
  7. Medical equipment like EMR Machine
  8. Measuring Tool

How to study Physics

When you study a topic in physics, do not only read the instruction or half way into the topic, but always read to an end to get the detail. Do not cram while you study physic but study to know it, in such a way that you can explain it to people in your own language. If you study the one that has mathematical part, make sure you all the examples. In addition for you to understand physics more, after study a topic go to Physics laboratory and practice what you have learnt

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