The motion in physics


Moving away from introduction of physics, energy, work done, units and dimension and measurement, today we are going to study motion. 

Motion: it the movement of a body from one place to another. The study of motion without involving the force that causes it is called Kinematic, while the study of how force affect motion of body is called Dynamics

Types of motion in physics

Random motion: it is a movement of an object in no direction. Example of such motion is Brownian motion – an irregular motion of particle of various kind suspended in water, or motion of gas molecule or particle
Translation or linear motion: this is the movement of a body from one point to another; example are – a book sliding from one end of an inclined table , a body running in a straight line from goal post to another or small ball thrown vertically upward.
Rotational motion: it is the movement of a body in a circle, such as rotation of Earth about its axis, rotation of an electric fan blade and a wheel of a moving car.
The Oscillatory /periodic/vibratory motion: it can be defined as to and fro movements of a body. In this type of motion the moving body repeat at successive equal interval of a time. Any motion that repeats itself at a regular interval of time is known as oscillatory motion. Example of such motion are the balance wheel of a watch, vibrating of violin string, rotation of Earth about it axis, simple pendulum and vibrating body on string.

Concept of motion associated with straight line

A straight line is the shortest distance between two points. These are the concept we need to know concerning motion in the straight line: position, distance, scalars, vectors, and displacement.
Position: the position of a point is described with reference to another point whose position is known. To describe the position of a point in a space, we draw two line perpendiculars to each other at 0 ‎

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