Week5 2018-08-11 One Banker Draw Game & Prove

Week5 2018-08-11 One Banker Draw Game & Prove

As promise i said i will be bringing to you all one banker game every 2018/2019 English
season. Today is just the 2nd  week of this season, i know so well that this season will be
a great one for those that will be visiting this site for one banker draw game and prove
and also. We have advance fixtures of pool naija and we bring pool result every week
to you.

And also you can check back this site every week of play because one solid banker we be
release very week on this site so i would advice you to check back to see the one banker
draw every week on this site thank you.  Week5 2018-08-11 One Banker Draw Game & Prove


last week banker draw was 27 due to it has never filed since last year that why i put it there as one
banker draw But our NAP played 2 over 3 which is poor, well i will say is a good start in here though
our banker didn’t give us a draw.
If you are going true this please move to the last paragraph to read it. By his grace this week will be
more better i never want to place a banker because it was the first week of the season.

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