We have the ability to attract a high level free agent

The 76ers held a season summary meeting today. Coach Brett Brown received an interview.

Summarizing this season, Brown said: "I very much want to NBA Live Mobile Coins continue playing. I really want to be at the Wells Fargo Center tonight and play in front of 20,000 fans. This is my first thought."

Speaking of the shooting problem of defender Ben Simmons, Brown said: “We have intense plans and candid discussions about this future jump shot, but free throws and the end of the rim are still of top priority.” Brown also revealed that the team Will increase the shooting coach.

Speaking of the goal for the rookie Mark Furst, Brown said: "I hope he can recover his magic. I hope he can play again in a competitive environment. For two people, I hope he can Play in the summer league."

Talking about the team's goals in the offseason, Brown said: "I think adding a high-level free agent is necessary to win the championship. I think we have the ability to attract one."

The reporter asked about the potential targets he wanted to attract. Brown answered, "Obviously, we don't want to mess up all this."

The reporter couldn’t help but said, “Let's ask this question in another way...” Brown jokingly interrupted him: “Do you want me to be fine?”

Brown went on to say: "As long as this player is outstanding, we will think of ways. This is the easiest and most honest way for me to answer this question."

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