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Playing with the dart boards is the best way to kill your spare time with bunch of your friends. It is a game that requires the hand eye combination to conquer the game. There are many people who are thinking of buying a dart board for themselves but don’t know how to pick the correct dart boards for their game play. There are various types of dart boards that are available in the market which you can play. So, if you are thinking of buying yourself a dart board, then you need to consider the styling and features of these boards according to your needs and usage. You also need to consider the audience that will be playing these dart games. Kids dart games are completely different from the adult ones.

Types of boards-

There are various types of boards that you can buy for playing the dart games.

Magnetic board- Starting with the initial times and if you are a beginner then the magnetic boards are the best for you. These boards are metallic boards upon which you have to throw the dart so that it may get stuck to the magnetic board. These boards are the most suitable for children as they easily play with it without getting harmed with it. Playing with sharp pointed darts can be really dangerous for you.

Cork boards- These boards are very popular in pubs, resorts, clubs and big hotels for the enjoyment of the guests. These are also used for playing in your home as well. These boards are popular for its durability and last for many years. These boards are portable also as you can keep them at any place without any kind of hassle.

Wooden board- For the antique lovers and for old school players, this type of board is the best option. Wooden boards are the traditional boards which use sharp pointed darts which need to be thrown towards the board so that it may penetrate the wood and remain stuck to it.

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