Using Recruitment Analytics in Hiring Candidates

HR analytics has been a top trend in recruitment since a couple of years and has certainly made an impact huge enough to stay trending. With analytic tools are part of recruitment, one can be assured of valuable outcomes that can take companies to new heights for all the right reasons.

Here’s why the use of recruitment analytics has proven to be the next big thing:

Insights gained from HR analytics software

The use of HR analytics in the field of recruitment helps in gaining numerous insights that are otherwise overlooked or compromised with in manual hiring.

  • Figuring out the candidate source

A recruitment analytics software helps you identify where your company’s best talents have been sourced from, giving you the right direction to turn to during your next hiring period. By figuring out the source, strategic allocation of resources becomes a possibility. Recruiters can then expend their resources in the right talent pool to find candidates that fit the description your company is on the hunt for.

  • Quality of hire

With the right software, finding out the characteristics that are required in the candidates you intend to hire becomes easier. You can then use the data when shortlisting candidates through recruitment tools. Compared to manual hiring where every aspect or characteristic may not be taken into consideration, an HR analytics software fills in the gap, helping improve the quality of hire.

  • Filtering through potential candidates

Screening candidates to be taken to the next stage is often subject to prejudice and recruiter’s bias. The use of a software eliminates the chances of recruiters being biased and allows an objective screening of candidates to be forwarded to the interview stage.

  • Regulating cost per hire

A manual hiring process costs both time and money. By bringing in a software, you can figure out your company’s ROI with an automated analytics software against the time and money spent in manual hiring.

  • Diversity of employees

Measuring the diversity in terms of demography within the workplace and bringing about a positive change where necessary. Increasing workplace diversity is one sure way of promoting branding and improving productivity through employee-centric views.

The Many uses of an HR analytics software in the future

HR analytics shows promising outcomes with a breakthrough in talent sourcing. Here are all the ways an HR analytics software will benefit recruitment in the future:

  • Branding

Analytics can help you understand the point of view of a job seeker while on the search for an employer and change how the company is perceived by candidates.

  • Retention

By automating the process of recruitment, it will become easier for recruiters to identify the top performers and the kind of incentives that give employees a reason to stay.

  • Budgeting

Analytics in budgeting will allow optimum allocation of resources keeping the highest ROI in mind. This includes recruiting software, cost per hire, and more.

  • Strategizing

With analytics in recruitment, recruiting managers will be able to figure out the best potentials and strategize accordingly in order to strengthen talent pipelines.

All of these possibilities have made relying on analytics tools a prudent step to make in the field of talent recruiting and management.

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