Use Pears Baby Lotion For Your Skin

While the great minds at Unilever specifically formulated Pears Baby Lotion for, well, babies, these products have shown numerous benefits to older individuals and many dermatologists do recommend them to adults.


Here are some exciting benefits of Unilever Nigeria’s Pears Baby Lotion:


Say goodbye to dry skin


Pears Baby Lotion has been scientifically fortified with mineral oils which protects the skin from dehydration. This works in a similar way for adults as in babies.


No more worries about your sensitive skin


As Pears Baby Lotion was created with the delicate nature of baby skin in mind, adults who have sensitive skin greatly benefit from this product. The mild and gentle nature of the lotion works perfectly for adult skin, especially the face area.


Flagrance galore


One of the many reasons we all love babies so much is that they always smell great. The amazing scent of Pears Baby Lotion will get you going back for more.


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