Unity of Nigeria Should be re-negotiated

Recent happening in the country is a cause for concern. Political drama of yar' Adua's health and the need to respect the supremacy of the constitution, rule of law,challenges of development, equitable distribution of resources, Niger Delta and national security are issues that needed urgent attention. The multi-enthic configuration of nigeria can no longer be sustainable without nationals of these etnic group sitting togehert to work out acceptable framework on how they can live togther.Recyling of leadership since independent is no longer acceptable, nigeria deserve better than what we are now having. We should not be afraid of talking to ourself and come up with a structure that can absolve the diversity of our society. Nigeria is a great country we can harness our resources for the betterment of our people if we can accept that "All man are born equall and endowed with their creator with inanelliable rights amount which is life,liberty and pursue of happiness" The notion of rotating presidency between north and south can not bring cohesive and development to our country, we should think of Nigeria first and leadership can come from any parts of the country.The uterrances of some elders in our country is not helping matters the the younger generation should be given the oppurtunity to provide leadership for our country.

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