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Instagram is a social network, and it is growing popular with every passing day. This not only helps in connecting people with one another but also promotes businesses and services quite effectively. Companies that do not make use of flashy products or do not have photo-driven initiatives also prefer to use this platform for business expansion. Obviously, there is no doubt that creativity is an important criterion, but at the same time, it is necessary to plan a strategy that can help you to reach your goals quickly. Before exploring the SEO aspects of the plan, I would recommend you to go through this article to learn about the usage of Instagram to develop your business presence. So, once you are done with the basics of Instagram, then move on to the next level using the following tips.

Researching hashtags

This includes the use of traditional SEO techniques as well. Although Instagram does not have a search engine, still the search function option is available. And hashtags are known for being the most popular search. You can even think these to be keywords with just "#" in front. To get the maximum exposure, it is said to use those hashtags that are commonly used by users for searching a product as well as relevant to your product, service or photo. As compared to keywords there are many advantages of using hashtags. There is no need to stuff the keywords in the posts forcefully. You can only list the hashtags at the end of the posts. The best part is that you can add as many hashtags as you want.

You can also plan your hashtag, but it is a little difficult to get success using this plan. Only successful companies seem to manage success with the use of new hashtags. On the other hand, you can run a contest to make your hashtag famous, how? Well, you can ask people to take advantage of the unique hashtag to win a product or discount offer. Thus it will help in carving the niche for your hashtag. This will keep you get going in future and here comes the next level.

Hold contest in return of real prizes

This is known for being a common social tactic, and you must have already used it as well. But, this point is worth mentioning because many firms hold contests for do not offer any prizes. Always remember gifts and prizes attract the masses. So, if you spend a little money here, then you can go a long way to gather thousands of followers. There are various ways of creating a contest for social media sites, but in place of Instagram you need to think about the major reason behind the users liking your app. Focus on hashtags as well as images to get the best results.

Getting into partnership with an NGO

People always like to support a firm that is doing something for the overall community. So, even you are not planning for any charity. Still, I will recommend you to partner with a nonprofit firm. You may not help them directly if you do not want, but indirectly you can assist them by sharing a part of your profit. This is no doubt an ideal option for your site and business, but sharing the pictures on the Instagram platform can also do a lot. It is suggested that you go into partnership with such a company that shares the same group of the audience which you are targeting. But make a note of the fact that they are not your competitors.

Making use of Instagram Business Tools

For some companies, this social platform is just about connecting with the huge group of the audience through relevant pictures, stories as well as utilizing the specific filters. Paid advertising is also used at times. These features should be paid the first attention. However, you should also make use of the unique Instagram functions that are designed for business purpose. These tools will enable you to see the metrics of the performance of the posts.

There are few ad formats of Instagram – Carousel, Video, and Photo.

Buying Instagram Account with Established Followers

This is not a very common idea but works well for some businesses. But, you need to be a little cautious because the established group of the audience may not match with your target audience group.

Always remember, social platforms may not be a big search engine, but owing to various facts it can be said that they are a smaller search engine that has their own set of optimization practices, algorithms, users, and benefits. You can expand your business online by using such platforms for reaching the target group of audience. Having a brand name simply gives an edge to the process.

The idea of Bonus

This approach has proved to be successful for some people. Influencers are a group of influential people or Instagram power users with a huge number of followers for Instagram. Businesses can get in touch with the influencers within their niche and have a deal with them for promotion.

Accompanying your brand with the real story will always help you to get the taste of success. Sometimes, regular Instagram posts fail to give you the desired results and too much posting is even considered spammy. On the other hand, little posting or rare posting will make you irrelevant. So, use stories to space out the posts. Businesses can go for using coupons or teasers. At the same time, they can build stories like a day in business or how to manage a business for a day, etc. Make sure that the post is interesting and catches the attention of the audience. Also, at the same time ensuring that it is relevant to your business or service or drives people to your service or business.

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Comment by Andrew Arst on January 23, 2019 at 1:15pm

Never used Instagram for business purposes but now it seems to be a good idea so I am going to try it out. Maybe I'll manage to boost my sales that way.

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