Troubleshoot Brother Printer Problems

Troubleshoot Brother Printer offline problem

My friend was trying to print some important document. But whenever she was giving the print command, she was getting the error message in revert. This message was saying, your printer is offline.

So she called me and asked for the help. At that time, I went to her home and tried to fix the problem using some useful tricks.

I am sharing those all tricks with you. So if anyone of you are going through such kind of problem. You can simply follow it to fix the problem.

  1. Whenever you get such kind of errors. You should check the network connection. Be sure your printer should be connected to the wireless network. If you don’t find it connected. Just go ahead and try to connect your printer again.
  2. Let’s power off your router, printer and computer for one minute and then power it back on. It will refresh the connection process.
  3. After following all these instructions, if you still get the same offline error. I would suggest you to check the default printer settings from the control panel. Most of the time, people face offline problem because, they are giving the wrong print command.
  4. Have you checked for the printer update? May be your printer needs an update that’s why it is not working? So you should check the printer settings and be sure there is not update required.
  5. Let’s reset your printer once and then setup it once again. Once you will setup your printer. You should try to print something from your printer. I am sure this will help you in troubleshooting the offline problem.

So these are the instructions to troubleshoot brother printer offline problem. If anyone of you are still going through the printer says offline issue. Please visit askprob community. There you will get help from various printer experts.


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