Hello there !!!,
AVM Adeleye;AVM Ogunseyitan, Gp Capt EO Osunfisan;  Wg Cdr GW Kwaghdo; Wg Cdr Odeyemi; Wg Cdr King

Complments of the season to you and your fanily, from the extended Morgan clan, I am glad you responded to my global probe for enlighgtenment and the transformation of the NIGERIAN SOCIETY  through dialogue with old friends. This new signal is my latest experiment to convey urgent vital info to fellow Nigerians via the same medium, So if you or anyone you know, know the whereabouts of any of the above-named, please get them to pass on this urgent message; preferably before 1700 hrs  Mon 17 Jan 2011.  “CONTACT MOMOH on +447906386792  or e-mail: pension_s@yahoo.com “ Thanks, and Have a good one! Kainji Flight Surgeon, +447852229636

Colindale, London
13 Jan 2011 0727hrs

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