We have lots of Federal University in Nigeria. Being among the top ten best federal universities is the country is no joke. There are certain criteria a University must meet to be ranking among the best. A university that has good structural facilities that will help improve learning a University that is located in a good environment. Meeting up some of this criteria are not easy to come by as most times there will not be sufficient funds available to fund these schools.

Many parents actually prefer their wards to attend a Federal university because their fees are low and they are actually ranked higher when it comes to the best in Nigeria, but notwithstanding that not all Federal university has reached that level., this is why this article will be a guide to show you the top ten best Federal universities in Nigeria

Reference: Top 10 Best Federal Universities In Nigeria.

  1. UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN: This university was established in 1948. This university is ranked as number one in Nigeria and 992 in the world. UI as its popularly called Hans different faculties and they have produced some of the best students we have from different countries. The University of Ibadan has proven to be one of the best In the country, with a good environment which is suitable for learning in Nigeria
  2. UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA: This school which is popularly called UNN is located in Nsukka, Enugu state. Established in 1960, is this prestigious university. The University offers different courses and programs which are officially recognized higher education degrees.
  3. UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS: Popularly called UNILAG is one of the best university in Nigeria. The school is well equipped with one of the best facilities. They have a good number of the student population in the school. UNILAG was founded in 1962, the school enrolls more than 32,000 students into different faculties.
  4. OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY: OAU has it's popularly called is ranked as Nigerians number four. The University was founded in 1962 and it is located in Osun state. This school has when topping the charts for a long time, not just because it’s old but because of what they have impacted into their students.
  5. FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY MINNA: Being a University of technology is no joke. This university was established in 1982. It operates a multi-campus system. It is popularly called (FUT MINNA). The school also provides non-Academic facilities which include housing, sport, distance learning opportunities.
  6. UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN: This university was established in 1975, located in Kwara state. The University has a population range of 500,000- 1,000,000. The school has brought out the brightest students we have in the country. There are not high, so it is affordable.
  7. UNIVERSITY OF BENIN: This university is located in Edo State. Uniben is the most sought-after university for aspiring candidates. Uniben is known as one of the best in Nigeria, with a large number of the student population.
  8. UNIVERSITY OF ABUJA: UNIABUJA as its popularly called is one of the best. Although the school is known to have some issues here and there. It is also ranking as number 8th position on this list.
  9. AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY: ABU located in Zaria. It was established in 1962. One of the best. The school is on the Northern part of the country. When it comes to food facilities, ABU has it all.
  10. FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY OWERRI: FUTO as it popularly called is located in the Eastern part of the country. The University was established in 1980.

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