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Talking about English music download websites, which website do you know one can download English Music for English speaking countries like USA, UK, Nigeria, etc.

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I cannot do this all alone, that’s why I seek your contributions. If you ever stumble upon any good English Music websites, please do let us know either by contacting us or by putting it as a comment which I promise to update it once confirmed immediately.

English Music download Sites for latest UK and US mp3 songs

These are some of English Music download Sites for latest UK and US mp3 songs

Sites To Download English MP3 Songs For Free

Are you a music addicted person? Does your playlist contains a long list of the songs you like? Ever wondered where to find those latest English music releases online and didn’t get the resource which you always wanted to have ? then, this article is worth a bookmark from you. In this article, I am listing down some of those few very good sites from which you can download English Mp3 songs for free and add them in your playlists instantly! Isn’t that great ? Go ahead and enjoy it!

1. BeeMP3


2. DilanDau


3. AirMP3


4. MP3raid


5. MP3box

6. eMP3world


7. MP3songsHome


Others include:

3. Mp3skull site uses scripts similar as emp3world and has same functions too, more so, on mp3skull you can see the current tracks been played by users and choose to listen too or download them if you like them and its absolutely free.

2. Tubidy.Mobi: I know that a lot of you out there may not be conversant with Tubiby, you might be thinking the site is only for video downloads but no, you can also download the mp3 format of that music by simply clicking on the mp3 link below the video downloads link. Tubidy is really interesting because you’ve got the choice of downloading Music video or audio instead of limiting one to one particular music format.

1. Who gave them this cool name “Emp3World”? The Webmaster must be a good one. I guess am right in my conclusion about the Webmaster. But just as the name implies, it’s a great site for downloading latest and trending songs of the moment. On emp3world you can download as well as listen to Mp3 songs online without downloading them. You see, that’s even more cool because you get to listen to songs online before deciding whether to download it or not.

Click here to view moreEnglish music websites for downloads

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