Top 10 tips to keep your car engine in shape

It is debatable to say that many car owners hardly monitor their car before they get in and drive to their destination.

At times, many car owners only check and inspect the engine of their car when traveling on long-haul trips. The inspection of the car engine should not be overlooked, but should be taken seriously, since the engine of a vehicle can knock at any time. Such an incident can be avoided if car owners and drivers check their car engines at regular intervals.

To help you apply some safety tips to keep your car engine in perfect condition, we have provided this article with the most important tips to keep your car engine in perfect condition.

1. Check the coolant level

You should not wait for your car engine to overheat before checking the coolant level. Be sure to inspect the fluid levels to avoid engine damage.

2. Always use good oil

Oil is the bloodline of a car. If the engine does not work, the engine crashes. Most car owners prefer cheap oil without quality from manufacturers. A good oil with quality ensures the proper operation of your vehicle.

3. Check oil level

It would not cost you a penny and you will not need more than five minutes to check the oil level of your car. Regularly check the dipstick of your vehicle engine.

4. Change your oil frequently

It is recommended that the driver change his engine oil regularly, not when the oil runs out. Automakers also recommend that car owners and drivers make sure that the oil is changed at regular intervals.

5. Change filter

The filter of a car is a factor that plays a role in the smoothness of the engine. Oil and air filters wear off when used. For this reason, we recommend checking and changing them if they need to be replaced.

6. Check the Condition of drive belts

Checking and scrutinization of the drive belts and renewal of damaged belts will help you to avoid future breakdown of the car engine.

7. Use a Correct Grade of Petrol

Most vehicles are designed to run on all grades of fuel. Some cars were made to run on standard grades of petrol, some others were designed to use a higher octane fuel. Constant usage of the lower grade of petrol and a high octane fuel can cause serious problems to your car such as overheating and pre-ignition. Make certain that you use the correct grade of petrol that brings better efficiency and performance to your car.

8. Do not Underestimate on Engine Warnings

Do not disregard engine warnings and diagnostics which are displayed and shown on the dashboard display lamp. Notification messages help to avoid certain damages and bring a better performance of your car engine.

9. Check for Fluid Leaks

Most often, when you start your car or warm up your car, you may notice that some fluids appear to be leaking from the car engine. Periodical check for fluid leaks helps to avoid disaster. Drivers are encouraged to check for signs of petrol, lubricant, hydraulic fluid or coolant which appears to be leaking out of the car.

10. Adopt an Engine Friendly Drive

Lastly, ensure that you get assimilated with a driving style that is friendly to your engine. Don’t be a rough rider who accelerates and rides roughly on all type of roads. Engines should be carefully treated at all times because the way it is being handled and used results in its performance.


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