Top 10 poorest states in Nigeria 2019

Arogbonlo Israel

As the giant of Africa, Nigeria is blessed with diverse natural resources among other assets to make a country great in the 21st century.

However, the 36 states in Nigeria still have problem with the evenly distribution of wealth, which in turn create a gap in terms of development of these various states. 

In spite of these great assets that nature blessed it with, Nigeria still have high records of starvation, hunger, poor living condition among other challenges confronting its economic growth and national development.

It is against this backdrop that we present to you the top ten poorest states in Nigeria as released by the National Bureau of Statistics for the year 2019.  Here are the top ten poorest states in Nigeria:

10 Zamfara

9 Kebbi

8 Bauchi

7 Ebonyi

6 Plateau

5 Jigawa

4 Gombe

3 Adamawa

2 Katsina

1 Sokoto

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