This New Tech Blog Launching Today Takes A Shot At Nigerian Tech Blogs.

RicheeTech is an ICT tech blog focused on highlighting stories around Nigeria's Silicon Valley, ICT gadgets and Do It Yourself How to's that report stories that ignite strong emotions in readers, leading to high user engagement.

The tech blog for the social and mobile era as it refers to itself unlike other tech blogs in Nigeria reports news in 5 distinct formats: the typical article format everyone knows, video format, lists format, polls format and the quiz format.

"We say nobody has seen this type of tech blog in Nigeria before because virtually all the rest focus solely on SEO. We're more focused on social traffic with seo as secondary long term growth strategy. Hence the way we find, report and distribute stories on RicheeTech is quite unique, you'll agree when you see our stories." Editor-in-chief/Cofounder, Richard Juwah Stated.

"It's going to be a game changer for the Nigerian tech blogging scene as nobody is doing or has done it this way before." The CEO assured.

"Our goal has always been to highlight only interesting and captivating stories for the African millennials." Richard explained.

"While others will be writing long boring pieces well optimized for search engine bots, we'll be writing for humans, to connect with them on a deeper emotional level.

"We've noticed a bad trend among many Nigerian tech blogs whereby their average page views and time on site sit below 2. The average millennial has a very short attention span of about 8 seconds due to information overload in this information age.

"They don't want long boring tech pieces, they want engaging, relatable and interesting content. We give them that."

And it looks like the company's efforts have started paying off. Barely 3 months into its existence and Google Analytics results they sent to us show that they've recieved a combined total of 111,003 visits from 65,802 visitors that produced a combined pageview of approximately 430,000. The Editor in Chief tells us that 75% of that traffic comes from social media especially Facebook, while 20% from search engines.

Meanwhile, has another game changer up it's sleeves that it's sure will blow away it's top competitors out of the water it's still keeping under wraps. The company merely hints that the top secret proprietary software will be able to fetch them tech news from around the world that show promise of virality before it becomes a breaking news. A revolution in news reporting, it calls it.

More on that as time progresses. Meanwhile, visit RicheeTech right now by clicking Here.

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