This is also a profound background

However, the Chicago Black Hawks, who established the first seed status early on, were almost eliminated in the playoffs. In the Western Conference semifinals, they encountered the Detroit Red Wings which were also the founding team of the six teams. This is also a profound background. Historical giants have met for the last time in the playoffs so far. In this round of series, the Black Hawks made a good start at home, but they unexpectedly lost three games and were rushed to NHL Coins the edge of the cliff by their opponents.

In the end, the Black Hawks reached the first pass through overtime, which also made the fans' team's so-called dominance not convincing. There will be a blessing after the disaster, the Blackhawks beat the Los Angeles Kings 4-1 in the Western Conference finals, defeated the Boston Brown Bears 4-2 in the Stanley Cup Finals, and won the Stanley Cup with a shock to make this great season. The perfect finishing touch made the Black Hawks the eighth team in history to win the President’s and Stanley Cups in the same season.

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