If we do not have money to sell this rocket league game, why do not we let Sony provide us with the market because they are investing millions of dollars each year in the PlayStation Plus game marketing, they do it no matter what the game is, This is a risky move, considering that this will mean that Psyonix will deliver it at least one month after launch after spending a lot of money on the development of the rocket alliance.We are very worried that we will not make money in the game Rocket League Items.

Obviously, developers can not understand in detail about how they are working with each other, "said Corey Davis, director of design at Psyonix. Sony's trading details, but to pay the price and pay the price, hope that if there is no other thing is enough.We may just sign all of this money and then the game will drop even in the first month, it is exploding on the PlayStation Plus, but if 5 million people download and then no one buys it again, We have nothing to pay for the five million people.

In fact, the rocket league has become a real feeling. Word-of-mouth and online buzzing make it one of the most PlayStation Plus games to download at all times Rocket League Trading. It created $ 110 million for the studio, to August 2016, a total of 21 million players. Psyonix calculates individual players in this number, so players who have not purchased the game but are played through the split screen are also included.

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