Reboot is intended to be tough. If you want a much simpler time then you are able to play the other servers. Reboot is a unique server kind with a special set of rules when compared with the others.And no, it isn't "almost impossible" to finance your personality. Maplestory Mesos Players just don't understand how the game works at this stage because all they know is the broken GMS metagame. It's exactly the same with manuals for Maple, where for many years most players follow guides to the specific letter, never realizing they could do other things if need be. This generated issues countless times where gamers won't try to discover an alternative map, as an example, when the person mentioned in a guide is packaged throughout 2x or something. They think nothing else exists.

Hey this may be a stupid suggestion, but would it be possible to consider including a sort of chance system to the royal face/hair npc? Like I know it's random, but I attempted to royal today and ended up with 30k nx in my face alone, and did not not get my face I wanted, and I didn't even have to change my hair since I had used up my entire nx. I was wondering if there was a way that you add a method where you can kinda be able to have the face you need, not a lot of a VIP system but, allow me to attempt to explain lol! So you understand how in the royals 6 arbitrary faces you can get? Imagine if we made a system where you may only get the same face just two times until you get through each of the faces 2 times. Ugh I really don't know how to explain this lmao! So enjoy, lets use this week's faces as a example.

Spring Fairy Face (NEW!) , Starry Night Face, Adorable Girl Face, and Bulbous-Eyed Face.

SO let's say I buy a coupon and use it and I get the, Harin Face. Not quite exactly what I wanted, so I buy another coupon. I use that coupon and that I get the, Bulbous-Eyed Face. Not what I wanted either, so I use another voucher and I receive the, Harin Face AGAIN. So now that I have gotten the Harin Face two times I won't have the ability to receive it till I get all of the faces and the cycle repeats and repeats. ~

I thought of this idea because like I stated above Maplestory2 Mesos, I spent 30k nx seeking to get a face I really wanted and I kept getting the very same faces. I got this one face just like 3 or 4 times, it was ridiculous!

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