Theartre Arts display very impressive

these men tearing themselves apart are supposed 2 b rollmodels mentors 2 someone somehow .Anyway either positively or negetively they are still making an impact, [breeding]

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Comment by Russou Russell on June 24, 2010 at 3:38pm
If I got you right: You mean role models to the younger Nigerian populace! Well, it has become a laughable tip to know that those who claim that the children are the future of this ever dynamic nation are working tirelessly to leave a bad repute for them.
As for making impact, my dear sister. I totally agree with you, negatively or positively. The younger generation has got something to cry about in the future.
What is a leader without a good image and sense of well being? Their interests in offices had always been to amass wealth for themselves.
Which is the way forward, Nigerians? if you ask me, I'll say, "WE NEED A RECONSTITUTION OF THE FAMILY NORMS AND VALUES."
These people fighting in public office, actually came through a poor system of parenting and moral upbringing.
Don't forget to thank me later when the truth comes to light.

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