The two chatted for 11 hours in the villa in Bielsa

However, Cruyff is not the only person who affects Guardiola. The same is true of FIFA 18 Coins Arsenal's Bielsa nicknamed "The Madman." He had coached the Chilean and Argentine national team. Bielsa, who had just coached Lille, was a head coach with tremendous influence but rarely won a trophy. Guardiola pointed out that "For me, it doesn't matter how many trophies Bielsa wins in his career. Our judgment is often how successful we have been and how many trophies we have won. But he does not win as much as he does. The impact on football and players is more important. Therefore, for me, he is the best coach in the world."

The two chatted for 11 hours in the villa in Bielsa, Argentina. Bielsa told Guardiola that football is a sport about ideas, hard work, ability to improve players, and never losing passion. Guardiola once said, “On occasions when I am asked to speak in La Masia, I will quote the following example. When you are ready to sleep in the evening, ask yourself if you would like to pick up the ball to play. For a while, if the answer is 'no' then this is the time for you to do other things."

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