“The only thing that's permanent is what you do for people when you were alive. It does not matter how much you have; you will be remembered for service, not the amount of money you have...”

There is hope and reward for hard work only if proper monitoring and checks are in place, so the comment by the Acting President (henceforth AP) that, “It's hard work that makes nations great”, is absurd because most Nigerians are hard-working and resilient. The absence of TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY, not hard work is the issue. Let the record reflect that.

The assertion of the President that he understands how it feels when salaries/emolument are delayed or owed, is incredible and is an insult to many Nigerians. Has salary/emolument ever been owed to the President? The AP claim that, over 70% of government revenue is spent on salaries and overheads but yet still salaries are still owed. Why?

The 2017 budget appropriation Bill is calculated at =N=7,298,507,709,937 (Seven Trillion, Two Hundred and Ninety-Eight Billion, Five Hundred and Seven Million, Seven Hundred and Nine Thousand, Nine Hundred and Thirty-Seven Naira) and this raise several questions, the biggest of which is, why so many ministries still seem to be struggling to fulfill their obligations? www.budgetoffice.gov.ng

We have painstakingly calculated the 2017 appropriation Bill particularly with regards to pension and the figures does not add up. The 2017 allocation for the Federal Ministry of Health is, 51,315,564,740 (Fifty One Billion, Three Hundred and Fifteen Million, Five Hundred and Sixty Four Thousand, Seven Hundred and Forty Naira) and despite this, there is the probability that doctors and nurses will complain of not being paid.

Also, the public health care facilities/conditions are deplorable and costs are out of control but these are only felt by those who are unable to attend private hospitals or travel abroad for medical treatments like government officials and their families. Does the President truly understand the pain of the citizen, particularly mothers, who sometimes have their child die in their hands as a result of such deplorable condition?

The suffering that most pensioner and their families go through in order to receive their entitled stipend, after many years of hard work, is disheartening. Some even died while waiting thus never receiving a penny and their pension disappear without a trace.

Prior to the make up of the 2017 budget, The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Mallam, SAN, urged the Reps to consider an upward review of Justice ministry budget allocation from 6.914 billion to 689,108,79. 00 billion claiming that 6.914 billion is “grossly inadequate and more is needed to “encourage and motivate lawyers to give their best in their service to the nation”. This begs a question, what service(s) are they providing that requires such large amount of money?

The 2017 allocated budget for the Ministry of Justice is 21,038,344,711(Twenty One Billion, Thirty Eight Million, Three Hundred and Forty Four Thousand, Seven Hundred and Eleven Naira) that means the Justice systems that is already slow and inept will further collapse seeing that the figure is not even too close to the amount asked to be considered.

The AP claimed “The power house of the economy; the fastest and most efficient job creators are private business, both small and large; investments, both local and foreign.”
We are hoping the AP recognize that, the absence of transparency and accountability regardless, will still pose a problem for the nation as whole a because it will deter foreigners from doing business with us as a nation and individuals alike. Local businesses can only thrive when there is constant electricity and not generators. Where are all the funding allocated for electricity?

The AP is challenged by his words when he stated that “I am a pastor, a spiritual person, and I understand the law of sowing and reaping. It is a spiritual law that has tremendous physical implications”. Maybe that is why he is in that position, to effect changes as a pastor, just like the question put to Esther by Modeccai, “and who knoweth whether though art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”.

Finally, being remembered for service is commendable and all citizens of Nigeria should strive for this so accountability and transparency is paramount for effective and efficient transformation of the nation.

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