The secret to improving your strength in TERA

In Tera game, we are constantly pursuing power, and we always want to be stronger. In addition to the level and gold, we have more pursuits, that is, equipment attribute seals, skill coats and crystals!

Equipment seal with you to wash out the best attributes

The seal is a gameplay that resets the random attributes of the equipment and can wash out the ideal attributes. Sealing the equipment requires the consumption of seal reels, which can be obtained through the rewards of honest adventurers in the daily gameplay, or through the personal contribution points of the guild.

Some of TERA's equipment has "random attributes." Random attribute suffixes are marked with green circles, and these random attributes can be reset repeatedly by the seal spool to achieve the desired attributes. When the player repeatedly resets the equipment with multiple random attributes, some attributes will be ideal, and some attributes need to continue to wash. At this time, the player can also use the save powder to lock the attributes that do not want to be washed off. You can Buy Tera Items from MMOAH.

Skills coats help you to be invincible

Each occupation has a variety of skills, and for each occupation's differentiation and skill diversity, each skill can also choose a different coat of arms. The coat of arms can strengthen specific professional skills, improve skill damage, reduce skill cooling time, or reduce consumption, greatly increasing the player's combat effectiveness. When the player level reaches 20, the crest system is automatically opened and the player gains 10 crest points. After each level, the crest point will be +1. Applying each coat of arms consumes a certain amount of heraldic points, and a new coat of arms cannot be applied without sufficient heraldic points. Of course, you can also reset your crest settings at any time to find the best crest configuration. At the same time, it supports multiple sets of heraldic settings storage, which is convenient for switching at any time.

Crystal gameplay enjoys the thrill of fighting

"Crystal" can be inlaid into weapons and armor to increase the strength of the Warriors. There are many types of crystals that can increase attack damage and increase survivability. Crystal is mainly obtained by killing elite monsters, completing daily gameplay, and purchasing crystal treasure chests in the guild store.

According to the user feedback collected in the file deletion test, the crystal system was fully optimized.

First of all, the cost of crystal synthesis has been greatly reduced, and currently only 50 silver coins are consumed for each synthesis. If you need a lot of Tera Gold, you can Buy Tera Gold XBOX from MMOAH and you will enjoy their service.

Second, we reduced the number of stages in crystal synthesis and optimized the attribute values. The crystal is modified to the third order, the first-order crystal uses the level 1 (equivalent to the previous 1st-order crystal), the second-order crystal applies the level 23 (equivalent to the previous 3rd-order crystal), and the 3rd-order crystal applies the level 48. (equivalent to the previous 5~6th crystal).

In addition, the crystal system continues to improve the numerical balance, and the crystal type has been adjusted reasonably, and the user-friendly, damage-free attribute crystal will be resumed without deleting the file. The merging or deleting of attributes that are not used by some users (such as the increase of small monster damage), the cost of managing the backpack is greatly reduced.

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