Nigerian is bigger than Mr Umaru, Mr AGF and whoever else that is desirous for our continued gropping in darkness. For once we have glimmering hope of recovering from the monumental amnesia that has held our Nation spell bound and our country impotent in the economy of states, we are no longer revered respected or even decently engaged in a dialogue (i mean the politicians we have so elected to pilot our national affairs).

I thank God for people like Prof. Dora and others who fought to restore our national dignity in the face of the gross embarrasments our politicians brought upon us. To God be the Glory

To Mr Goodluck..abeg pilot us well well..may your name bring us fortune and goodluck..Long live the Federal Republic on Nigeria...Long live The Ag. President, The FEC, The National Assembly, House of Reps and the entire people of Nigeria who trooped out enmass to support calls for the nation to move forward and who are still asking..WHERE IS OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT?

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