The rocket league is an online game

The rocket league is an online game developed by Psyonix, an American independent game studio. The game's new racing model Rocket League Keys has received a lot of praise at home and abroad, with more than 34 million players worldwide. However, in the online antagonistic game, it is inevitable for the developer to face the problem of dealing with the problem of the players to protect the game environment.

Developers have launched in-game reporting and "player ban" systems. In the face of untouchable players, the rocket league will deploy a new automatic language ban detection system. This mechanism will contain a list of sensitive words. The game will automatically suspend players when they use more than a threshold of malicious speech containing these sensitive words Rocket League Items. For the first time, the automatic language suspension testing system will be banned for 24 hours. If the player does not change, the ban will be extended to 72 hours, a week or even a permanent ban.

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