When the average computer user thinks about computer cables and devices, he will often break those devices down into the most common elements. For example, when you mention a computer networking solar wire, nearly every person will have images of a cat6 cable with RJ45 ends that connects their computer to their Internet router. However, a networking cable could also be a USB cable that would run from a USB 2.0 port on the computer to the USB port on the router. The same concept applies to computer power cables. When the average user thinks of a PC power cable, he usually pictures just one cable. But there are other options to consider as well.

The standard PC power cable has a three-pronged female connection on one end that corresponds to the power port on the computer, and the other end is a standard three-pronged North American grounded power plug. The European equivalent of this kind of control cable has the corresponding computer power input on one end, and the European power outlet plug on the other. They are standard cables that people often have extras of hiding somewhere in their homes. But you should also be aware of the other power options available for your computer.
http://www.centralplaincable.com/html/en/products/powercable/ Most computer manufacturers will recommend that a computer be plugged into a line conditioner or surge protector to make sure that the computer is protected from any unexpected power incidents. However, many computer experts will try to dissuade people from using standard household extension cords in between the computer power plug and the surge protector, they advise the use of a PC rubber cable. The best way to safely extend a computer's power cord is to buy a specially designed extension that sits between the computer's power input and the power cord that plugs into the wall. These extensions are wired to be able to handle the computer's power and will give a cleaner connection to the surge protector. Many laptops use a Clover power cable.

Other kinds of PC power cables that people need to consider are USB extensions. Many of the portable computing devices that people use are charged through the standard USB port of any computer. In many cases, the electrical power cable that comes with the portable device is woefully short. That is why people who rely on USB power for the tablets and music storage devices should invest in a USB extension cable. It may not seem like something you need immediately, but it will come in extremely handy when you do have one.

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