When Amodu qualified Nigeria for 2002,he was sacked. Nigeria did not get past the first round ditto 2010, the presidential task force and not NFF sacked Amodu.Despite promising Amodu that if he reached the semi finals of the world cup he will be in charge of the team for the world cup. Whatever one does in life you need the element of luck i.e. you saw Uche hit the post, yakubu and obafemi make terrible misses.Amodu had legal ground to cry to God. The problem was not technical but Administrative, enough of false promises to Nigerians. Even if the best coach in the world had been hired, Nigeria would have failed. Apart from the football federation, the federal ministry of sport should be reorganized, Because I know that they are planning to fail for the next Olympics,this reorganization should include the ministries of power,works,finance and police. It is the result Nigerians want.


Sam Ogbemudia(jnr).

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