In addition, "the rocket league" will be the first team after the official operation of WeGame. But cautious, of course, players may find a problem, that is tencent's numerous e-sports games although many, but in most of the players' subjective concept, can be classified as "phenomenon" level Rocket League Keys of only the above two models, and they are "MOBA" types. In view of this situation, the "rocket to sole is the identity of the agent to enter the area market, will make tencent already the layout of the car, guns, ball" squad, add a unique "car + ball".

What's more, with the ability to operate at the core of "social", tencent is likely to turn the rockets into the next "hot style" product. So far, tencent game platform (TGP) are the way of trial operation in the building, has introduced the "hunger" star dew corn language situation of the chivalrous man preach prequel "can also be seen as the initial user's guide Rocket League Items and training. With the official name of WeGame, tencent has clearly announced the concept of "online game + single one-stop service platform". At the same time, if it can be to a worldwide popular multiplayer games (and the game user covers single and online game players) as the first shot and then will probably have a smooth start.

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