The need for a corruption-free society in Nigeria

Corruption And Nepotism
Corruption in Nigeria
Corruption in Nigeria is a consequence of the nexus between Bureaucracy, politics and criminals. Nigeria is now no longer considered a soft country. It has now become a consideration state where everything can be had for a consideration. Today, the number of governors, senators, ministers and politicians with an honest image can be counted on fingers. At one time, bribe was paid for getting wrong things done but now bribe is paid for getting right things done at right time. In Nigeria, corruption attacks the fundamental values of human dignity and political equality of the people and hence there is a pressing need to formulate a fundamental human right to corruption-free service. The development of a fundamental human right to a corruption-free society will be observed initially from an international perspective so as to elevate the violation of this right to the status of an international crime. This would provide the comparative basis to elevate the right to corruption-free service to the status of a fundamental.

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Comment by James Johnson on September 10, 2011 at 4:16pm
True talk broTrue talk bro

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