The Lowdown on the 8.16 League of Legends Patch

Patches and updates occur regularly in all popular games and these are normally not that much of a muchness but in the case of the impending 8.16 patch on League of Legends, there are going to be some rather interesting additions and changes.

Not only there will there be the long-awaited to chance to try out a new game mode, they have also made some significant nerfs and buffs across the board that will definitely split opinions in the community. That being said, we have to trust the developers to continue making the right decisions much like they have throughout the years.

So here it is – the lowdown on the upcoming 8.16 patch on League of Legends.

The Alpha Test of Nexus Blitz

Many of you would have heard and become excited about the possible implementation of a new game mode on League of Legends and it has now come one step closer. In update 8.16 the Nexus Blitz game mode will be been added to the servers for players to test.

This does not mean it will definitely be implemented permanently though as the LOL developers only want to add game modes that prove popular among players.

The Nerf of Zoe

Those of you that like to use Zoe, arguably one of the most fun champions in League of Legends, are not going to be happy to hear that she is getting nerfed. On the flip side, those of you that struggle to face her will be more than happy with this happening in this patch.

Balance is always necessary for League of Legends to remain an enjoyable game for all and while this might not be the most popular nerf for some of you, it is one that many of you will admit that needed to happen.

A Number of Tanks Buffed

It would not be right for nerfs to be handed out if there were not a few buffs going in the other direction and this time it seems that the underperforming tanks will be getting some positive action. Of the bigger and more notable buffs to be seen will be given to Amumu, Leona, Nautilus, Rammus and Sion. This will make them a bit more powerful and enjoyable to play.

Runes Being Nerfed Too

This is a change that will affect everyone the same but it is one that really should have happened awhile ago. Rather than just nerfing the individual characters in League of Legends, it seems they want to try and reduce the total amount of damage that occurs in the game too.

Six of the more popular runes in the game are seeing their top damage reduced a little bit to ensure that games last a little longer than they have been in recent times.

More New Skins Added

Now that we have talked about all of the potential game-changing alterations that will be occurring, we can take a look at the aesthetic changes that will be coming as well. There will be skins hitting the stores as per usual with Mafia Braum, Aurelion Sol and Cosmic Queen Ashe being three of around six characters that will be able to have a new skin added.

More Too

These are just the biggest changes that the patch will bring but there is actually a full list of other changes that you will be able to find on the LOL website or on the forums. You can also learn about the above changes in more detail such as exactly what is being nerfed and buffed.




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