If the patient with a patella fracture is able to raise the foot in the air Arctic Blast Review  with a straight leg while laying down, the it is more than likely that treatment will not involve surgery. In this case, there will probably be a few different types of treatments used. Following the wearing of a leg cast or splint, there will be additional forms of treatment, including physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory and pain medications, and hot/cold therapy. If the patient is unable to raise the foot and hold it off the bed, then surgery may be required.

Often surgical treatment of patella fractures involves the use of metal implants. Unfortunately, many patients report that over time, these implants cause pain in the knee, and many patients have a second operation to have the implants removed. In order to make sure that the injury cannot be taken care through other means, these surgeries usually do not take place until at least a year following the injury.

This is a common condition with people who increase the amount of activity they do. A good example of this is people who are involved in sports. If they usually only play on the weekends, but add extra games or practices during the week, this can bring on iliotibal band syndrome. It can also be caused when people have an improper gait, which can often be corrected with orthotic devices. Other causes can include having legs that are different lengths, overpronation (people who walk on the outsides of their feet), and obesity, which puts a lot of pressure on the entire body, particularly the knees, hips and ankles.


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