Nigeria is currently in a difficult phase, one that if not handled well, threatens the very existence of the Nation. Everyone is affected; even the little ones know something is definitely wrong somewhere because mom and dad keep complaining in the house. You and I know what I mean.

The fuel subsidy has caused a lot of national concern. Just yesterday, thousands of Nigerians across different states, marched in unity in protest against the federal government’s removal of the subsidy, which escalated the price from N65 to N140 (In some states, it even goes higher than that). That makes at least a whopping  115 percent increase – bad, bad news for the average Nigerian worker.

Let’s do a simple calculation. If Mr. A earns N80,000 and spends N10,000 per month on transport fare, with this development, the cost will now be at least N20,000, since almost the cost of everything has doubled (even the tomato seller tells you “Na fuel, no be me“). It will not be surprising to see less cars on the roads as many will now find it more economical to go with public transport. Of course, that does not mean there will be a corresponding increase in salaries as Organisations too will be working on cutting costs.

According to the federal government, the money realised will be used to improve public amenities, which will favour the majority poor, but Nigerians do not want to be fooled anymore, because of the unfulfilled promises of the past and it seems they are ready to fight this course to finish.

But, one thing keeps boggling my mind – “Are Nigerians united to win this?” Time will tell. If this happens, it will be the greatest revolution in recent Nigeria.

While we wait, share your experience of how the removal of fuel subsidy has affected your work and personal life. Opinions must be constructive and add value to the lives of other readers. Cheers!