The Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit has clamored for the skin since the leak

In May, dataminers at the Fortnite fansite Storm Shield shared a plethora of Fortnite Items  unreleased skins and weapons found in the game’s code, including a pickaxe shaped like a film camera and a chromatic outfit. The one that many players became attached to was the Royale Bomber skin, however, thanks to the throwback military-man style. The costume gives players some aviators, a classy beret and, of course, a bomber jacket with a nice fur hood.

The Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit has clamored for the skin since the leak, especially as other items in the leak became available in the Battle Royale item shop. But Royale Bomber remained unreleased and unseen ... until the Italian Facebook ad. And with the skin potentially locked behind a PlayStation 4 console purchase for good, this bundle could be bad news for anyone not game to buy an entire console just for one outfit.

It’s especially tough considering Sony’s aversion to cross-platform play, something that trickles down to Epic accounts themselves. Since the Nintendo Switch version’s release, PS4 players have found that their accounts are inaccessible on the Switch, or any other console.

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