The first Chinese player to play at NHL

Song Andong's hockey career is a step by step came, he is now a breakthrough today is a huge pay and hard, "the child is smart, savvy, like to study, training is also very hard." With Song Andong coach Yao Naifeng, The original river and Fu Lei talked about Song An Dong almost have a similar interpretation, the original river also said, "to stand NHL stadium, for the Chinese ice hockey, Asian hockey is a great thing.

Among the four major North American alliances, for the distant Chinese sports circle, has been an exciting initiative. This is the moment Song Andong shoulder Yao Ming, Wang and other players have been playing NBA, the difference is that with the NBA draft is different from the NHL draft after the end of only a small number of people directly landing NHL stadium NHL Coins, that is, Song Anton is likely to also To accept a period of temper, have the opportunity to board his dream stage.

The new season, Song Andong will be the identity of the ice hockey to join the famous American high school Philip Andover, talked about the future he said: "hope in the NCAA (American University League) to play, after not only become the first draft selected China Players, but also the first Chinese player to play at NHL. "

Song An Dong will challenge the NHL as a real Chinese identity, and the current owner of the New York Islanders is the famous Chinese entrepreneur who was born in Shanghai after immigrating to the United States, founder and former board of directors of Computer Associates (CA) Chairman and CEO Wang Jialian, Chinese elements have gradually become a NHL can not ignore a landscape.

Song Andong breakthrough not only in China caused the local boiling, but has become a worldwide topic. In the NHL live studio, the host asked Song Andong, his personal breakthrough will give the ice hockey is not developed in China what? Song An Dong replied: "After I went to Canada, China 's ice hockey really began to develop.

Song Andong before leaving the country, Beijing is only two is not the standard ice hockey, the registration number is also very little, and as of now, Beijing ice association registered athletes have reached 2123 people.

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